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Peak Services, Inc. is a successful, new breed, Colorado based, landscape and property services company. The Peak Services ownership and team have been active in the commercial maintenance and property services business for over 30 years. We emphasize strong client relationships, good communication, and consistently delivering quality work at fair and competitive prices.
Peak Services Co


​Peak’s staff brings a broad range of landscape, tree care, irrigation, snow, and property services, and the related industry experience, expertise, and a strong blend of skill sets to meet the individual needs of each client and property. We work with a quality team of employees and contractors to deliver reliable, consistent work and service. Peak and its’ contractors comply with all INS and DOT legal requirements for its labor force.


Communication is critical to our mutual success, whether in person via phone, mobile, text, email, or written correspondence, Peak’s staff is highly accessible. Company emergency contact phones as well as the name, phone number, and email of your key Peak contacts will be provided. We also provide regular property and service updates to advise you when there are important developments regarding our work on your property.


Safety First! Safety is paramount to our ongoing success as a company. Peak promotes regular safety meetings during the season, stays current with industry training, and remains constantly vigilant of safe working conditions for our employees, contractors, clients, and third parties.


We have a great set of clients and properties for our landscape and property services. Additional information and references are available and can be provided on request.

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